Homerton is the title of the short documentary I am making for my MA Screen Doc at Goldsmiths. The film explores the concept of geographical parallels and in particular how my mother and brother encounter the "same" location; Homerton.

My mother's first home when she came to the UK after leaving Nigeria due to a coup was a council flat in Homerton, East London. 30+ years later, her son (Arel), is given a place at the University of Cambridge's Homerton College. The film explores these two interpretations of Homerton and the lessons this geographical parallel is communicating.

The film requires many layers and textures in order to communicate effectively the layers of the story. Homerton combines the past, present, and future meaning that it mixes together archive, actuality, and speculation.

The cost of purchasing archive, buying costumes, traveling to locations, music, and more has proven to be higher than I am able to afford and that is why I want to release this poster for 3 weeks to try and raise money to cover the costs that I am unable to cover.

I hope that you are able to support the production of Homerton and I am excited to share the journey of making this very special film with you.

Amber x